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But . . .

what of the child dying of starvation, malnutrition, disease?

what of the mother who cannot feed him, cannot help him,

must watch the agony and suffering?

what of the children living in poverty

because I cannot spare a luxury?

what of the little girl being trafficked for cruel men’s profit?

“Everlasting life”

this hope they speak of

what good could it possibly do me, or them, or you now?



oh, perhaps

Perhaps everything Jesus said was true

perhaps everything He commanded of His disciples was for me and you

perhaps He had this everlasting life, really had it

perhaps it is different than we all thought

Perhaps everlasting life

is laying down one’s life

taking up a cross

stepping out on the raging sea

taking His Hand


so as to really live

Perhaps it is giving until it hurts

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