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turn your passion into action

They turn their heads

and cover their eyes

they block up their ears

and ridicule to silence

They say,

“We’ve been told the way to Heaven!”

but they listen not

to the Words of the Holy One

bidding them to come

always bidding them to come to Him

Where is the Church of Christ?

I look among the buildings of stone and brick and wood

but find only buildings made by man

find only men discipled by men

Where is the Church of Christ?

Where are the Christians?

Disciples of Jesus

there have been

even now, there are on distant lands

but where is the Church

where are the Christians

in our midst?

I hear the world cry out to know

I hear the cry from their broken hearts and broken homes

I hear the cry drift on cold winds

that blow over this barren broken world

and feel my soul cry along with them, sometimes

Where is the Church?

Where are the Christians?

Oh, God, make us that Church

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