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turn your passion into action

may Your Gospel be embodied by our lives

just so vividly

make us truly a light upon a hill

that all who long for light, safety, hope

for You

would see Your Love

in us

would see You

might encounter You

might touch Your garment

when they touch ours

might know Your forgiveness

through ours

might hear Your Words

through our lips

might see Your scarred Hands and Feet

when we reach out to take their hand

when we walk miles and miles

to bring the Good News home to their hearts

Make us that Church

Trampled upon, I am

hated, I remain

but I am not ashamed

for I shine among the blind

I speak to the deaf

still I say,

“Beloved friends, have you read what the Bridegroom has said?

Oh, would you come and find Him with me?

Look!  I see His Footsteps on this path!”

but you only say,

“We do not know these sayings!

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